Your visit to South Africa won’t be complete without a visit to Camps Bay. It offers some excellent accommodation that will certainly put you somewhere between the beach and the mountain. There is a vast choice of cottages, villas, guest houses and flats that offer Camps Bay accommodation. Houses in Camps Bay stretch from steep slopes down to the beautiful beachfront. As you look down from the Kloof Nek, the view is breathtaking.

Cape Town is considered to be one of the most desirable places in the world. The city is appealing because of its attractive features. In Camps Bay, you will find a myriad of beautiful accommodations that you might rent for the period that you will be staying in the country. There is access to video stores and shops and the nightlife is just amazing because there are no cozy clubs and restaurants are scattered across the beaches.

You can find accommodation all the way down from the mountain to the beaches. There is also a selection of luxury hotels. You can sit idly in the along the stretch of the sandy beach as you sip a cocktail whole reading your favorite magazine or novel. Camps Bay is an all-accommodating place for people who want to take a break from daily routine and enjoy life.

Transport is not a problem in Camps bay. There are shuttles and you will go to guided tours to any place you are interested across the Peninsula. You can visit Cape Point, the southernmost tip of Africa. You can also go shark cage diving and see the great white shark.

Camps Bay accommodation: restaurants

The restaurants, cocktail bars and sidewalk cafes along Victoria Road present an array of choice. Most establishments in Camps Bay sprawl onto the pavements but have an indoor seating that shelters the guests.


What does the menu entail? Trying to cram the original diversity of well crafted menus in Camps Bay into a nutshell is very difficult.

The menu has a strong inclination on the Mediterranean with Spanish and Portuguese influences in place. Sea food is well represented in the Cape style and by the presence of sushi counters in many restaurants. Africa has its way in coming up with imaginative yet accessible dishes of ostrich or springbok.

You will also find some eastern stuff in Camps bay. If pasta and pizza are your favorite then you are definitely in the right place. Prices range from decent to expensive.

Your Guide To Camps Bay Accommodation